A carefully curated selection of exclusive designs which can be personalised with your choice of colours,

printing, paper and the finest embellishments.


How does it work?

A simplified designing process that allows multiple design versions in only few steps.

Check below for more information on each process.







Explore the designs above and choose the one that mostly represents you and your wedding.

When choosing your design you must only consider the layout of the cards, fonts, and wording style. The featured designs are illustrative only to help you visualise the many possibilities.

You will be allowed to customise colours, paper, printing, monograms, and add the embellishment of your choice such as liners, wax seal and vellum wraps.





Read the Customisation Guide to learn all about the customisation options and how you can make it uniquely yours!

To give you piece of mind, when placing your order, you won't be asked to immediately provide your customisation choices such as colour, floral designs, illustrations, monogram style or wording.

Those will be requested during the designing process. You can take this time to discuss options with your partner and decorators.




After checking the Price List for guidance and double checking your guest list for final numbers, it is time to fill in the enquiry form below to receive a full proposal.

The proposal is built in a way that resembles an online shopping experience. You will receive a "catalogue" with all our options and prices. You will be able to select items and services and their respective quantities.

You can see the total price while building your suite, to facilitate your decision making.




When submitting your signed proposal, an invoice is generated and a deposit payment is requested in order to secure your space in my calendar and initiate the designing of your wedding stationery.

It is important that numbers are accurate. So if you are still unsure of how many invitations you might need, here is a little help:

Number of Guests x 0.6 = Total of Invites.

100 Guests x 0.6 = 60 Invitation Suites. 

Production takes 2-3 weeks from order.




It is already a great pleasure to know you are browsing my design collection.

Want to know more about paper and prices?

Fill in the form below and I will be back to you within 48hrs with a full proposal and

everything you need to know to order one of my exclusive designs.

If you would like to work with me on a fully bespoke project, please check

my Bespoke Paperie page for more information.